Girl (Ver. 2)


tono: Db
Bb        G#
I saw her, yea I saw her 
 With a black tongue tied  
 Bb                              G#
Round the roses a fist pounding on a vending machine 
 C#             Bb
Toy diamond ring stuck on her finger 
            (bass enters)  
 With a noose she could hang from the sun 
    G#                  C#
 And put it out with the dark sunglasses 
Walking crooked down the beach 
She spits in the sand 
Where their bones are bleaching 
F     G#                    D#
And I know I'm gonna steal her eye 
 She doesn't even know it's wrong 
F       G#                 D#
 And you know I'm gonna make it die 
 Take her where her soul belongs 
F G#                    G
 Know I'm gonna steal her eye 
 Nothing that I wouldn't try 
 F  D#             Bb
 Hey        My sun eyed girl 
F    D#       Bb
 Hey my sun eyed girl 
 My sun eyed girl 
 Hey my sun eyed girl 
 I saw her, yea I saw her 
 With her hands tied back 
 Her rags are burnin' 
 Calling out from a landfilled life 
 Scrawling her name up on the ceiling 
 Throw a coin in the fountain of dust 
 White noise, her ears are ringing 
 Got a ticket for my midnight hanging 
 Throw a bullet from a freight train leaving 
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