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Garbage Picker


Ainda não temos a cifra desta música.

You said that you loved me deeply,
And I called you my queen,
And remmember when you told me,
That I had everything youd ever need.

My debanaire style impressed you,
But you kept asking where I shop,
And that day you saw me picking by the roadside,
Was the day that our romance stopped.

You shouted
Garbage picker, Garbage Picker, Garbage Picker...
Garbage picker (x3)...

I find a mountain of treasures,
In other peoples trash.
You measured your pleasures by my treasures,
Till you measured them against my cash.

Garbage picker (x3)
mmm all you are is a garbage picker

Garbage picker (x3)
mmm oh, garbage picker.

every time I see your car drive by,
latin name that goes in my brain,
and the tears fill my eyes

You wish that you found out quicker,
You say I didnt tell the truth
Okay, I admit it- I'm a garbage picker
I guess thats why I picked you

I thought that I saw something shining,
beneath your superficial dirge
youre no hidden treasure,
so next time,
Ill leave you at the curb.

Garbage picker (x3)
mmm All you are is a garbage picker

Garbage picker (x6)

Composição de Dan John Miller
Colaboración y revision:
  • Claudete Leda

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