Brooke Fraser

tono: G
Em7          C            G        D/G
Baring all I stand here before you
Em7     C      G
All my hurts exposed
       Em7                        G
In the depths of my despair I cry out to you,
D/G        Em7  C  G  D/G
make me whole

         Em7           C               G      D/G
There is nothing I can do to make you love me more,
        Em7          C                G    D/G
Nothing I can do to make you love me less
      Em7                C              G
I get on my knees and lift my hands to worship
D/G  Em7    D  G
and confess

G   D/F#    Em7      C
You are the Lord God Almighty
  G  D/F#      Em7  C
I fall at your feet
G     D/F#        Em7           C
And I fall oceans short of your glory
        G     D/F#            Em7  C
Yet you stoop down to make me great
         Em7 G  Em7  C  G
Almighty God

Em7            C             G
Every day I choose again to love you
   Em7         C        G
To keep your word in my heart
        Em7               C          G
Give it all to you now Lord, I will surrender
           Em7  C  G
Take every part
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