Beauty and the Beast Enchanted Christmas - Stories


tono: D
D        A
When I get to know him
    G            Bm
We'll find more things to say
G         D
One day I will reach them
   Bm         A
There has to be a way

D        A
Everyone needs someone,
 G           Bm
He must need someone too
G        D
When I get to know him better
Bm            A
Here's what I will do

D           A
I'll read him stories
From picture books
All filled with wonder
G             D
Magic worlds where the impossible
Bm          A
Becomes the everyday.

D         A
We'll find a mountaintop
And some moonbeams
To sit under
G          D          A
I'll lead because I know the way

D      A
So much to discover
G             Bm
I do it all the time
G         D
I could live inside bright pages
Bm           A
Where the words all rhyme

D          A
We will slay the dragons
        G        Bm
that still follow him around
  G            D
And he'll smile, yes he'll smile
 Bm              A
As his dreams leave the ground

D         A
Stories and stories
'Bout mermaids, Kings
And sunken treasure
G             D
Magic worlds where the impossible
Bm          A
Becomes the every day
D     A
I know a tiny place

G            Bm
Just a dot, too small to measure
G           D
I'll take him there
I know the way

D          A
Stories 'bout heroes
 G         Bm
Who overcame there deepest sorrow
G                 D
They'll put hope into his heart again
    Bm         A
He'll cherish everyday

D         A
He'll find a better world
G            Bm
And the strength to face tomorrow
G         D           A
I'm sure that when he know the way
    G     D
He'll want to stay
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