Ebony Eyes

The Everly Brothers

Composição de: John D. Loudermilk
tono: C
On a weekend pass i wouldn't have had time
To get home and marry that baby of mine
     C                        F
So i went to the chaplain and he authorized
      C           G7    C
Me to send for my ebony eyes

   F              C
My ebony eyes was coming to me
     F                   C               G7
From out of the skies on flight twelve o three
      C                   F
In an hour or two i would whisper i do
      C         G7    C
To my beautiful ebony eyes

The plane was way overdue so i went inside to the airlines
Desk and i said sir i wonder why 1203 is so late.  he said
Oh they probably took off late or they may have run into
Some turbulent weather and had to alter their course.

I went back outside and i waited at the gate and i watched the
Beacon light from the control tower as it whipped through the
Dark ebony skies as if it were searching for
   G7      C
My eb-on-y eyes

Then came the announcement over the loudspeaker "would
Those having relatives or friends on flight number 1203 please
Report to the chapel across the street at once."

Then i felt a burning break deep inside
And i knew the heavenly ebony skies
    C                    F
Had taken my life's most wonderful prize
   C         G7    C     C7
My beautiful ebony eyes

   F             C
If i ever get to heaven i'll bet
    F                     C
The first angel i'll recognize
F                        C
She'll smile at me and i know she will be
   G7              C
My beautiful ebony eyes
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