The Man and the Wolf

Gustavo Bertoni

Composición de: Gustavo Bertoni
tono: Db (con acordes en la forma de C ) Capotraste en 1ª casa
Intro: C

Once upon a time,
A story of a man took place deep into the woods
      G       C
I heard     he lived all by himself, lost in his own mind
Dm                                    G
Hoping that he'd find the reason for his vex
Am          Am7
Months went by
   D    D7      F      Fm         C
He pondered. "oh God, oh why?" he wondered

Searching in the past, memories that rest
Dm                                     G
Deeply in his veins while waiting for the light
To guide him to the river, the river of the wise
  Dm                                       G
A wolf hid in disguise and followed his every step
Am          Am7
Years went by
D      D7        F       Fm       C
He pondered. "oh God, oh why?" he wondered

F                        C
From the distance he could smell the water
F                        C
The wind whispered words of care
F                           C
He smiled in joy hence he would get his answers
F            Fm          G      Bb7
As the wolf approached, it hesitated

C F (Dm G) C

G                       C
   Behold a light in the dark!
A new man now he faced
                    Dm     G
With both feet on the water
                       C    G
No longer scared of its fangs

He invites the wolf in
Relating now with his fears
                 Dm   G
Reinventing his shadow
Shining joy in his tears

(C F Dm G C) Uma batida rápida em cada e deixa soar no final
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