What a Diference a Day Made

Jamie Cullum

Composición de: María Mendez Grever / Stanley Adams
tono: F
[Intro] F  Dm  Gm  C  F  Dm  Gm  C
        F  Dm  Gm  C  F  Dm  Gm

                     Gm        C                   Am    G#dim
What a difference a day made, twenty four little hours
                        Gm     C7                       F 
Brought the sun and the flowers where there use to be rain
         D/G                 A                    Dm7 
My yesterday was blue dear Today still i'm a part of you dear
                      Gm           G7                       Gm7 C7 
My lonely nights are through dear since you said you were mine
                         Gm     C7                   F7M    G#dim
Oh, what a difference a day made there's a rainbow before me
                       Gm   C7                   Cm7                   
Skies above can't be stormy since that moment of bliss that thrilling
F7         Bb               Bbm  Eb7(9)           Am7    D7
Kiss it's heaven when you   find romance on your menu
                     G7        Gm7        C             F    
What a difference a day made    and the difference is you
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