Be Still

Kelly Clarkson

Composição de: Aben Eubanks / Kelly Clarkson
tono: G
INTRO : D / B  minor (sometimes I like to play between that and e minor)
verse one :
"Far, away from it all..."
  D ,  Bm
Be still
 G , Em
Let it go
 D , Bm
verse 2:
"Before we lost hope..."
  D ,  Bm
"Be still..."
 G, Em
"I already know..."
 D, Bm
"Foolish one with the smile"
  D       D   Em   D    G
You don't have to be brave
  Em                   G
Every time we fall down
   D       Em   D    G
But we're falling from grace
 Em                      G
I'll gladly climb your walls if you'll meet me halfway
 D                Em,D   G              Em
repeat the same chords for the hook, verse and chorus
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