While The Feelings Good

Kenny Rogers

Composición de: Freddie Hart / Roger Bowling
tono: G
Take a gown out of the closet 
Put it on, that's why I bought it 
     C                               G 
Come stand in front of me and let me see 
Take the warm smile that you're wearing 
Place it on these lips that's burning 
   A                                      D 
To share this fire you've built inside of me 
Turn the light down in the bedroom 
         G                   G7 
Pull the sheet down from the pillow 
C                                        G  
When we're like this, love's easily understood 

Let's walk through this house we live in 
       G              C 
To the room we always love in 
          G               D                   G 
And let's love each other while the feeling's good  
Change key to A: 
With all my will I promise 
With all of me I love you 
This feeling that I've got just grows and grows 
I can't stop this wanting you 
And I can't stop my needing you 
No more than I can stop the wind that blows 
Ah, but I'll hold your sweet lovin, 
Long as we both have this feeling 
I'll love you everyway I know that's good 
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