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U Said (feat. A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie)

Lil Durk

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Take her to calabasas, get a new crib (new crib)
Why you tell your friend about the group chat? (Group chat)
I asked you for a threesome, you don't do head (she don't do head)
You say I'm disrespectful, this what you said (this what you said)
You said (you said), you said (you said)
You say I'm disrespectful, this what you said

On a mission to fucking two twins
But I got a problem, I don't do head
Fuck a jetblue, I'm on a blue jet
She gon' eat me up until I go, uh, uh
Seven thousand on a furry coat, uh, uh
Feeling like I sacrificed a goat, uh
You still hit me up, I say I won't
I can tell you really wanna go

You said, you said

I done introduced you to designer pills
And you sucking dick for some designer still
And I'ma ride with you like he gon' ride with his, oh
A boogie mary j and I'm lauryn hill
Diamonds water on me, and I be snorkeling still
And I thought about you cheating on me, I don't know how to feel

I swear to God I won't know how to feel
You was fucking with me way before I had a deal
When I had that curfew, you made sure that I was there
On probation smoking weed and popping all the pills
And she keep teasing me and shit, she know I love it, yeah
And all my jeans 2k a piece, I got a hundred pairs
And I can't make no more mistakes, I'm going hardest, yeah
Yeah, say my name, say my name, say artist, yeah

Looking from a distance, a sexy girl
Fuck her from her back, fuckin' up her epidural
She fucking up my name, what I got a nicki' for?
Put some love inside my heart, be what I'm looking for, oh
Reality to my life, I gotta snap back
I knew she was a whole ho when she sent me pussy all on Snapchat, yeah, yeah
I know she in the Gucci and the pucci, but I know she was a groupie fuckin' nuski
Every time you see me, all my diamonds water, water, water, water, it's a movie
Woah, woah, in reality I love you
And I won't give this feeling for nothing in this world
Woah, woah

I told 'em this a vibe right here
Hit the bottom of the water, water, water

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Colaboración y revisión:
  • Júlia Macedo

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