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The World Above (Triton Reprise)

Little Mermaid

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King Triton:
This is where you belong!

You don't understand!

King Triton:
For once, just listen, will you?
That savage brute would kill you in the world above!

He's not a barbarian!

King Triton:
Don't try that same old song!
I'll have you grounded 'til next year!
Am I clear?
Don't go near that world above!

I'm not a child anymore!

King Triton (spoken):
No? Have you lost your senses?
He's a human; you're a mermaid.

Ariel (spoken):
It doesn't matter!

King Triton:
I'm still the king here - my word is law!
This filth you bring here is the final straw
And push, my daughter, has come to shove!

I'll make you obey
'Til you do as I say
I don't care, come what may
But I'll keep you away
From that cruel, harsh, cold, vile world above!

Composición de Glenn Slater
Colaboración y revisión:
  • Flávia Corrêa
  • Juliane Zambrano

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