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Little Mermaid

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Scuttle (spoken):
What's this?
You giving up so soon?
You gotta have a little gumption.
Yeah! A can-do kinda attitude.
Take it from a gull who knows

Scuttle (singing):
Now look at me,
You see this face,
In terms of beauty I'm a basket case.
And as for style and savoir faire
Well I guess there ain't
A whole lot there

Yup, although perhaps
It makes no sense
I strut my stuff
With lots of confidence
Cause though I lack
And awful lot
There is one thing I got!
I got positoovity!
I got positoovity!

It gives me the zam
And the zow
And the yaddle laddle laddle
That's why I walk
With a wiggle in my waddle
Cause once you've heard that word
There aint nothing you can do
So let that positoovity
Work for you

Sebastian (spoken):
Positoovity? Why der's no such word.

Scuttle (spoken):
Course there is in the dictionary
Right between popsuckle and prehysterical.
Believe you me I seen it work miracles!

Scuttle (singin):
Now he's a shmoe


And he's a shlep


And this one doesn't got the sharpest rep


In fact all three without a doubt
Mister David brains were handed out

But if he's no sage
And he's no wiz

The whole world thinks
That we are geniuses
Cause all our screws
May be unscrewed
But dig our attitude

Scuttle & Seagulls:
We got positricity!

Scuttle (spoken):
How 'bout you, huh?

Scuttle & Seagulls:
We got poositivity!

Scuttle (spoken):
Just try it out, come on!

It gives us the bing
And the bang

And the yippee-dip-doodle

Scuttle & Seagulls:
That's why we sounds
Like thers knowledge
In our noodle
And once you learned that word
There ain't nothing you can do
So let that positricity

N-N-No, Positroocity!

Work for you!

Sebastian (spoken):
Ariel, don't take advice from birdbrains.

Birdbrains! Who you callin' birdbrains!
We got natural talent, what I like to call Gull-ability!

Scuttle & Seagulls:
So with the vip and the vap
And the ba-ba boo
You can flip any flap
Till your wish comes true
The tip is the tap
Into something that you believe

Cause with the zig and the zug
And the zig-zug-zing
There aint nothing you cant be
You see its really your perogative

Scuttle & Seagulls:
You simply cant think nogative

Then there's you just sitting there
Smack down flat upon your dairy air, hey!
If thast the way you wanna be
Well you might as well be shrubbery
So stand right up, and dust your seat
And walk real tall upon
Your own two feet
And sure you'll trip
And make mistakes
But you've got what it takes!

You go, gull!

Scuttle & Seagulls:
And now you know that word
There ain't nothing you cant do

So go get some posilicity
You can bet on positricity
And just let that positrinity
No, positroonity. Poositonity?
Is it? Pardon, hat is it!


Scuttle & Seagulls:
Positively work for you!

Composición de Glenn Slater
Colaboración y revisión:
  • Flávia Corrêa

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