If Life Is So Short

The Moffatts

Composición de: Bob Moffatt / Clint Moffatt / Scott Moffatt
tono: G
   Submitted by Edward, *


   The chords used are actually G Em D C but this is the plucking pattern which
   will help you guys play better.



   Verse 1: (Do Pattern Above)

   G Em D C
   Isn't funny how time seems to slip away so fast
   G Em D C
   One minute you're happy the other you're sad
   G Em
   But if you give me one more chance
   D C
   To show my love for you is true 
   G Em D(do plucking pattern first then strum 4x)
   I'll stand by your side your whole life through


   If life is so short
   Why won't you let me love you 
   Em C
   Before we run out of time
   If love is so strong 
   Why won't you take the chance
   Em C
   Before our time has gone
   G D
   If life is so short
   Em C G D
   If life is so short
   Em C
   If life is so short

   Verse 2: (Do Same Chord Pattern)

   G Em D C
   Love is a word that explains how I feel for you
   G Em D C
   And when you're in my arms all my dreams come true

   (*)G Em D C
   And when you're not around you can't hardly see
   G Em
   These tears that I'm crying now
   D C(strum 1x)
   Are for you to be with me

   (Back to chorus)

   Interlude: G D Em C (2x)

   (Back to verse 2)
   ((*) played with bass struming, same chords)

   (Back to chorus) 
   (repeat to fade out)
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