Beat Up Trucks and Homemade Skateboards

Obadiah Parker

Composición de: Andrew Schubert/Mat Weddle
Beat Up Trucks and Homemade Skateboards

California Fall spread her leaves all on the ground
All of my longings painted yellow, red and brown
Learning how to surf, building stuff with Lego's
Cowboy hats and smiles, apple cider and green burritos
Taking the train to Burbank, driving on the shore
Loving California, beat up trucks and homemade skateboards
Oh, time moves on
We'd spend all day together and stay up late at night
Wake up for Denny's breakfast just before the break of daylight
One hundred mix tapes full of songs that I know you couldn't stand
Searching Aron's Records for some god-awful punk bands
Driving to Arizona, I called you crying on the phone
That's when I knew that where you were, that's where I was home
Oh, time moves on
Grayed hair and wrinkles, selling records and growing crazy
Horrible speech impediments, knowing that you love me
Reading books beside you over coffee every morning
Silk screening, scrap booking, singing songs and being boring
My ears will grow too big and deaf from Steve Albini songs
You will shake your head and laugh cause you knew it all along
Oh, time moves on
I will always love you
And you will always be the general
I'm just so glad that I'm home
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