Are You Sure Hank Done It This Way?

Pat Green And Cory Morrow

tono: E
B (2) E (2) 2x 
Verse 1: 
                B              E 
Lord, it's the same ole tune, fiddle and guitar.  
B                         E 
Where do we take it from here? 
B                     E 
Rhinestone suits and new shiney cars.  
B                           E            B    E 
It's been the same way for years. Need a change. 
Verse 2: 
Somebody told me when I came to Nashville, 
"Son, you've finally got it made. Ol' Hank made it here 
And I'm sure that you will." But I don't think Hank 
Done it this way. Ah, no, I don't think Hank done it 
This way. Ah, look out. 
B (2) E (2) 4x 
Verse 3: 
Ten years on the road makin' one night stands. 
Speedin' my young life away.  
Ah, tell me one more time just so I'll understand. 
Are you sure that Hank done it this way? 
Yeah, did ol Hank really do it this way? 
Repeat Break 
Verse 4: 
Lord, I've seen the world with a five piece band 
Looking at the back side of me. Singing my songs  
And one of his now and then but I don't think 
Hank done 'em this way. Ah, I don't think Hank 
Done it this way. 
*Play = B (2) E (2) = until the end of song* 
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