I Leave Again (feat. Shallou)

Petit Biscuit

Composición de: Jarrah McCleary / Joe Boston / Mehdi Benjelloun
tono: D
The sky’s so cold
I feel you slow
          G                  D
Your mind is not like it was before
 D     D7M                  D7M
I delete all, put thoughts on hold
I try to feel you
G           D
But you are gone
           D7M         D7M  D7M
The fire’s cold inside your soul
           G7M                D
I feel the weight, of what we were
    D7M  D                    Bm    
I delete all, put thoughts on hold
I try to feel you

( D7M  Em  G7M  A )
( D7M  Em  G7M  A )

Your eyes were bright

I felt the shine
         G               D
Miss the summers we used to hide
The city lights on this blue night
            G                 D
You used to tell me that it’s alright
  D7M      Bm                G
I chill my bones, out in the cold
         G                D
Walk the pathways we used to know

These quiet towns we'll leave behind

I try to feel you
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