White Queen


Composição de: Brian May
tono: G
G  D   D   Em   G  D    D    Em
So sad her eyes smiling dark eyes
G  D   D   Em   G  D  D  Em
So sad her eyes as it began

( Am  C/G  F6/9  F7  E7 )

On such a breathless night as this
Upon my brow the lightest kiss
F9         F7    E7
I walked alone
And all around the air did sway
My lady soon will stir this way
F9         F7    E7
In sorrow known
    Am          G
The white queen walks
        C     G/B   Am
And the night grows pale
D        Am         D
Stars of lovingness in her hair
G  D    D  Em    G   D    D  Em
Heeding un-heard pleading one word
G  D   D  Em   G   D  D   Am
So sad my eyes she cannot see
How did thee fare what have thee seen
The mother of the willow green
F9          F7    E7
I call her name
And 'neath her window have I stayed
I loved the footsteps that she made
F9            F7     E7
And when she came
A                  Dm        F7
White queen how my heart did ache
Bb                 Esus4      E7
And dry my lips no word would make
So still I wait

( Am  C/G  F9  F7  E7 )
( G  D  D  Em  G  D  Em )
( C  G/B  F/A  C/G  Bb  Esus4  E7 )

Am                 G
My goddess hear my darkest fear
  C     G/B Am
I speak too late
D        Am      D       A
It's for evermore that I wait
G    D      D   Em
Dear friend goodbye
G  D        D  Em
No tears in my eyes
G  D   D  Em
So sad it ends
G  D  D Em
As it began
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