Take On Me

Reel Big Fish

Composición de: Jørgen Holmegaard / Magne Furuholmen
tono: A
(intro 2x) Bm E A D

  Bm          E
We're talking away
I don't know what
 I'm to say
     Bm           E
I'll say it anyway
  A             D
Today's another day to find you
Bm         E
Shying away
F#m                     D
I'll be coming for your love, OK?

A    E  F#m  D
Take on me
A    E  F#m  D
Take me on
A    E  F#m  D
I'll be gone
            A    E    F#m    D
In a day or twoooooooooooooooooooooo

   Bm             E
So needless to say
I'm odds and ends
But that's me
Bm            E
stumbling away
A               D
Slowly learning that life is OK
Bm        E
Say after me
F#m                  D
It's no better to be safe than sorry

(refrão) A E F#m D

       Bm                 E
Oh the things that you say
Is it live or
Just to play
   Bm          E
my worries away
You're all the things
I've got to remember
Bm                E
You're shying away
F#m                    D
I'll be coming for you anyway


( A E F#m D )
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