If I Ever Go Crazy


tono: G
               G                     Em 
I'm solid as a rock, I'm steady as I go 
                 C                             D 
I'm level on the level, my friends all tell me so 
                    G                         Em    C 
I got a good payin' job, I got a hard workin' wife 
        G          D            C                D            G 
Still a woman like you makes me wonder what I've missed in my life 

Refrão -------------
             C                        G 
If I ever go crazy and leave it all behind 
                  D                        G 
If I ever lose my heart, if I ever lose my mind 
                    C                           Em   C 
If I throw it all away like you say you want me to 
     G       D         C        D          G 
If I ever go crazy I'm gonna go crazy with you
I'm the treasurer for my kids PTA 
And I've coached my boy's ballteam 3 years in a row 
Wouldn't I let them down if I ran off with you 
But when I look in your eyes I forget what I ought to do 
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