Jet Airliner


tono: D
    1. (Instrumental)
 Ref.: (Instrumental)
    1. Leaving home out on the road
       D               A
       I've been down before
       Riding along on this big old jet plane
                 D                A
       I've been thinking about my home
       But my love light seems so far away
              G              D       A
       And it seems like it's all been done
       Somebody's trying to make me stay
                  G        D     A
       You know I got to be moving on
       G      D     A
 Ref.: Big old jet airliner
       G             D       A
       Don't carry me too far away
       G      D     A
       Big old jet airliner
                 G             D     A
       'Cos it's here that I've got to stay
    2. Goodbye to my friends at home
       Goodbye to people I trusted
       I got to go out and make my way
       I might get rich, you know, I might get busted
       But my heart keeps calling me backwards
       As I get on the 707
       Riding high I got tears in my eyes
       You know you've got to go thru hell before you get to heaven
 Ref.: Big old jet airliner ...
    3. Touching down in New England town
       Feel the heat coming down
       I got to keep on, keeping on
       You know the big wheel keeps on spinning around
       But I'm going with some hesitation
       You know that I can surely see
       That I don't want to get caught up in any of that
       Funky shit going down in the city
 Ref.: Big old jet airliner ...
 Ref.: Big old jet airliner
       Carry me to my home
       Big old jet airliner
       'Cos it's there that I belong
 Ref.: (Instrumental)
 Ref.: Big old jet airliner
       Don't carry me ...
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