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Woman Of The World

Uriah Heep

Tablatura: Principal (guitarra)
Tom: C
Intro: C F Gaug C Gaug 

        C             Dm        Em   F 
Did you ever meet the kind of a lady 
    Dm                          G    Gaug 
She lives her whole life sayin' maybe 
C                Dm           Em      F 
Runnin' here and there as she pleases 
      C               Gaug   F      Fm 
Not a thought for the social diseases 

C F 

Though she never thinks of settling down 
She'll spend time turning your head around 
But don't let your heart start dancing 
The lady don't waste no time romancing 
        D#      F           Dm 
Are you mine or are you the woman of the world? 
    D#        F              Dm 
Are really so different from all the other girls? 
       C                          Am 
Do you care that I care about the things that you do? 
     C        A#       F     A# 
Does anything matter to you? 

Once in a garden of glory 
Someone sowed 
The seeds of this story 
And the whole thing began 
With a woman and a man 
Still it's something 
No one understands
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    Composição: Ken Hensley

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