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Rap Battle (pt. 3) (feat. Taylor Caniff)


Ainda não temos a cifra desta música.

Bro like on a real note, like
I don't think you're feeling your own album anymore
Like it's more about like... Madonna
What the fuck you say?
I do love my album! I can prove it to you
Rap battle!
Yeah, 2virgins
And t-niffer! Yayeah!

100% Serious, paul walker beats, fast & furious
I'm curious but not bi, you kissed six guys?
So do I, airplane fly. Push drive abe lincoln never lie
Racist they hate guys uncle si, do me a favor: Go die.
You don't want to hear the rest of my album? Why?
Yo, catch me ballin' in the beaver with the top off
Bring your girl to my crib I'll take her top off

Got some hair from a black girl, I call that black off, they say
I'm crispy when I'm on this beat, yeah you dare me?
Dairy meats, uh, yo bitch calls me the mister.
I take all yo girls, call me adolf hitler
You throw me to the side, smellin' like apple pie

Thomas jefferson a hypocrite
Sign me up for every event cause I'm olypmic
Buy my album? I don't give a shit
Long as I make at least a hit!
How many licks does is take for the center of my lolli-cock?
Rap battle me, I need to stop
Sandusky jams to kidz bop, casey anthony
Throws a baby when she sees the cops, pullin' blonde hair like goldie locks.

Make your girl wet like michael ander-falls
Can't fit my dick in a straw
Louis vuitton belt buckles, red girls with freckles, yeah
Fuck me with your meanest red-chopped adidas
Black and white, camo pants
Aeropostale frag-er-ance
Yeah, call me bill nye. White girl, no thighs

Yeah, I'm fruitier than a box of fruit loops
Like a buck-tooth sabertooth, killed the beat; vitality
Fucked my dog; call that beastiality
Versace a's, afrcia without aids
Yeah one more time I'm going in
Line after line like a fucking book, chef boyardee cook
Wanna see my dick? Take a look

Grab the microscope, open up to my parents like an envelope
My shit dope. Holy shit, pope!
See my bros and we interlope
Quick dead like a quick scope
Spit raw? Say no. Butthole loose cause
I dropped a soul, on purpose
My ryhmes are worthless. (I hope evey fangirl heard this.)

Yo, my daughter's a failure, and my grandpa's
A sexual predator, and my son's
A drug dealer. Well, uh, what's the illuminati?
Precious with a skinny body?
America without weed? Ha, that's like me without herpes!
Or "kim kerdarsheeun" without flirting!
Yeah, dollar bills. Snapbacks and flat bills. Signed a 20k deal.
You did pretty good
Yeah man I, I, it's like a draw, like, like how
I draw na-, naked men and stuff like that.

Yeah cause life, it's kinda like a mic stand
Cause it can sometimes fall down, but when it fall down
Someone's gotta pick it up, and someone's gotta sing those vocals
And that's what life is without, uh, cereal boxes and catalogs
[Taylor:] man, like, I for real felt that, like, like seriously
I felt that like sometimes it's like an internet router
Like, it's sometimes there for you, but sometimes it get
Blown away by like a tornado and like you're looking
For like a cereal box but then there's no fruit loops in it
Like, you feel that?

Yeah... You guys make sure to listen to the rest
Of the album like this kid's tryna use this money
To get laid like he's been having a rough time
Getting a girlfriend, like, we really need your guy's support on this one

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