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Ainda não temos a cifra desta música.

Shuffling down the street with his
Sideways feet
Stopping now and then and he'll
Stop again
No doubt in his mind where he's going
He doesn't care for his hair or his teeth
And if the truth were known he's a bit
Of a thief
Innocently lies, and it's showing
Who'd imagine he's man's best friend?
Knowing he's your friend in the end
Won't be around when you shout
Or swear?
Not very sorry, he doesn't care
God knows why we call him old faithful
Pat him on the head, give the dog a
Use a friendly tone, he won't leave
You alone
No one understands like old faithful
Early rise. is it wise?
Wonders happen now and then
Eats his fill, time to kill
Then goes back to sleep again
Trusty slave, bold and brave
And he roars like a lion
But in fact, it's an act
And the truth is that he isn't
No one understands it's a dog's life
Chases dreams, so it seems
He shines in his master's light
Looking good, so he should
For the choice is very narrow
No one understands it's a dog's life
Shuffling down the street...
Shuffling down the street...

Compositor Derek Shulman/Kerry Minnear/Phil Shulman/Ray Shulman
Colaboración y revision:
  • Alvaro Silva
  • Gustavo

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