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Gentle Giant

Ainda não temos a cifra desta música.

Once I was a boy, an innocent to life and my role in it
This world played my game, and anyone a clown or foil for

The harmless affairs, and no-one seemed to care for any
My life was my own, the debt I paid, I paid it only to

The unseeing youth, how can it be so shallow and short
These years passed me by, to realise the folly of these unripe

Now I am a man, I realise
My unworldly sins pained many lives
Yet I heard, heard with ears that wouldn't listen
And still I watched and I saw with blinkered eyes

But with age the conscience slowly dawns and bonds of
Duty gently tied
All my sins, seen through now there is experience and
Recollecting act in virgin guise

Master inner voices, making the choices

Once I could rebel and consequences then had no reflection
And I am a man, and I am bound by adult age discretion

Compositor Derek Shulman/Kerry Minnear/Ray Shulman
Colaboración y revision:
  • Alvaro Silva
  • Jadiel Silva

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