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Working All Day

Gentle Giant

Ainda não temos a cifra desta música.

Working all day, i'm digging up the roads, just working all day
Dig for my pay and spend it where i like. i've nothing to say
Drown in my sweat but money buys escape. i've got no regrets
Working all day
Working all day
When i was young i used to have illusions - dreams ain't enough
Father was rough - He didn't care for learning
Boy, life is tough
Easy to say that everybody's equal then look around and
See it ain't true.
Working all day
I eat the dust. the boss gets all the money. life ain't just.
I'm still the same as all the other people - who can i trust
Working all day and never getting nowhere, what can i say
Working all day
Working all day.

Compositor Derek Shulman/Gentle Giant/Kerry Minnear/Phil Shulman/Ray Shulman
Colaboración y revision:
  • Alvaro Silva
  • Juliett Peixoto
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