Bright As Yellow

Innocence Mission

Composición de: Karen Peris
tono: G

Date: Sat, 21 Dec 1996 06:01:36 -0600
From: Dominick Mancine 

Bright as Yellow

  Bb Bb(6) G   C  C/G  F  Dm

Bb G Bb G C
F Bb(6) F

        Bb                  F
And you live life with your arms reached out
Bb              F
Eye to eye when speaking
Bb               F
Enter rooms with great joy shouts
Dm          C/G
Happy to be meeting

Bb       G
  And bright
Bb   G
Bb        G         C
  bright, bright as yellow
Bb        F        Bb(6) F
  warm as yellow

      Bb             F
And I do not want to be a rose
  Bb             F
I do not wish to be pale pink
     Bb              F
But flower scarlet, flower gold
Dm                 C/G
Have no thorns to distance me

Bb       G
  And bright....

Bb             F
  Even if I'm shining
Bb            F
Even if I'm shining here inside
Bb           F                             Dm
Even if I'm shouting, can you see that I'm wanting
And I want to be so

So bright...



Bb              F
  Even if I'm shining...

Song ends with:

Dominick Mancine
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