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Love Story

Judy Torres

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I wanted you so badly
But I was shy and to afraid to show it
I wanted you so much
To be my guy but how could I let you know it

You must have heard the way my heart was beating
To the rhythm of your name
I turned around to the sound of your voice and I knew
You felt the same it was like a

Love Story
Dreams come true, dreams come true in a
Love Story
It happened like I wanted it to
Love Story

I always dreamed of one love
So strong and true
I always knew I'd find it
And now you're here with me
And what I'll do is put my heart and soul behind it

I must have read a thousand tales of romance
And each one touched my heart
Now I need what I read in your eyes
You moved me right from the start
It was like a

Written for me and you

Somewhere somebody wrote
That love is all you need
And when you hold me close
It's easy to believe

(Chorus 4x)

Composición de Jim Dyke/Nina Ossoff
Colaboración y revisión:
  • >F.NATION02

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