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Stop Bitchin

Kirko Bangz

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Hold up ya..
Oh yeahh
Oh yeahh
Oh yeahh
I'm here
Somebody better tell these niggas that I'm here
Somebody better tell these niggas that I'm here

Somebody better tell these hoe ass niggas that I'm grindin
Stop bitchin I'm shinin
My nigga I'm like fuck these
Biggas and they game
I don't need to fuck wit these niggas no way
These nigga be hatin
Prolly cause I'm comin
So real these niggas can't fade me

Somebody need to tell these hoe ass niggas to stop bitchin
Remain me of one of my bitches
Somebody need to tell that
Girl over there to stop bitchin
You just mad I ain't wit ya

Tell 'em stop bitchin
Tell dem hoes to stop bitchin
Tell these niggas to stop bitchin
Stop bitchin
Stop bitchin

We used to chill this shit was so real
This shit was so trill
But now I ain't got time for ya
You could say I ain't keep it real
My name everywhere
They waitin to make a sound for me
I'm deservin every bad thing that I will receive
But she she got it out for me
She got it out for me
She got it out for me

I can't blame her
Shit I did her wrong
I can't change her but really I'm the nigga that changed
And now dis bitch got me so angry
Cause shit she now how to get to me like nobody else
like a ain't doin let you see your lil girl
See this shit get hard
Everythang ain't good right now
And I don't even wanna be around
And she only wanna be around
When paper flowin out a nigga pocket
She say she wanna get down
And I'm like girl why don't you take some time
To get to know me
I know a lot of shit done changed
But I'm the same old G

That you tell in love wit
That you tell in love wit

But now I'm just a nigga
You tell everybody you can't fuck wit
And niggas that I used to know tellin you don't fuck wit
Better hope don't see that bitch ass nigga in public
Cuz I'mma whoop him
And every nigga he chill wit
Betta tell dat boy stop bitchin
Somebody teel that girl stop bitchin
Somebody tell them niggas stop bitchin
Stop bitchin

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