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Fool Wit You


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1st verse:
At the movies one night,
Sportin applle bottom jeans and them gucci boots,
Saw you walkin my way,
With some m&m's and a mountain dew,
The way you switch ya booty when you walk by,
Ya handcuffed to a nigga but its alright, girl before ya go,
Slide ya numba on the low

I wanna fool wit you,
Are you down wit that, wit no strings attached,
I wanna fool wit you,
Keep it on the low,
He aint gotta know,
I wanna fool wit you,
Gotsta put it down,
When yo man aint around,
I wanna fool wit you

2nd verse:
I see ya sittin real close,
Got ya man on the side,
But we doin the most,
Grip my hand on yo thigh,
So i can feel underneath your clothes, aint nobody knowin and its so hot,
Got a nigga goin baby don't stop,
You'll be more than just a lover,
But for now we undercover


3rd verse:
Can sneak out the exit door,
Go into the movies so he won't know,
When we sip on the cris,
I'll give you some of this,
Be back before the creidits roll,
You know i know, that you want me to grab that waiste,
And i know you know,
That i gotta get a taste


4th verse:
(baby tonight i'll freak ya body right), im gonna freak ya body right,
Im lovin them lips them hips them sexy thighs,
Those sexy thighs,
Meet at my place so we aint gotta hide, we aint gotta hide so i can,
Fool wit you, fool wit you body honey


Colaboración y revision:
  • Felipe Neves

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