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I said my name Wale, if you don't know me
You better read a book or something, this is D.C
By way of PG, we call that DMV
This song about you, then you probably need to leave
Pew! Diggity- go girl, you need to go for it
Jordan 4s won't find me in no loafers
Hold up, Maryland, I am so tour
I've been so thorough, that's what I boast for
I know you thinking, "I ain't gotta go there"
You sitting at the bar wearing Barbaro's hair
Yeah, that ain't you love, you can't fool love
Blue eyes but she blacker than Kunta

We don't believe you, you need more people
You need more grease in your hair, so they weaves you
Shake your hair like them track ain't coming out
Bartender, no ice, bring another shot
And I ain't tryna be trife when I call 'em out
I just call it like I see, know what I'm talking 'bout?

I gotta tell you right now
As much as I wanna leave
I gotta know if it's real or not
Ain't nothing fake about me
So if you wanna leave
I gotta know if it's real or not
Is it real or not?

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