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Give thanks
To the Fada
Holy Water

Jesus piece, but don't nobody wanna know Jesus' peace, no

Niggas use me to shine, I been helpin' you stunt
Look why these rapping dudes ain't hit me in months
I don't ask for too much, covered in VVS's
Women gon play ya closer and them hungry jokers gon try test ya
Now they bumping your record, ya confidence through the roof
Still ya show no respect kid, the Good Book said praise
But you so stuck in your ways, you got my image appraised
While you sinning, I wait
Fornicating with women I sat right there on your table
Don't bow your head for grace, though I'm keeping you graceful
Brothers was born to cheat, though I question who faithful
Fast for me, nope, blasphemy though
Rap to it so racks up to match up with me froze
How can a diamond supercede my wisdom
I seen a reverend with five of me as he read his scripture
This is bible readings to people with malice intentions
You silly get wits seen a Ahki with a crucifix pendant
With a Cuban attached on a secular scene?
I died for you all, now niggas die over me

Jesus piece, Jesus piece, Jesus piece
But don't nobody want know Jesus' peace
Jesus piece, Jesus piece, Jesus piece
But don't nobody want know Jesus' peace

Sierra Leone diamonds, LA to New York got em'
If nobody stores have me some probably would know about me
All over paparazzi, shout out to Murakami
See they commercialize me, I'm sure there will be more robberies
Work, new chain swag get you crew laid fast
Or laid down or not a ticket next to dad
And the bible told you wait on my arrival
But patience was your problem
So get Jacob to come find me
And religion is a style, if not then why this shit a quarter mil
No fugazi, see Jacob tell you that -ish real
Hallelujah the things you do to be the manure
You never thank me at shows but you keep me on tour
Sunday services pastor is the wealthy ones working it
Preaching Armageddon while collection plates been circling the room
Fears but a tool
And Gospel gone commercial pray the purpose isn't cruel
And the workers in the pulpit want they blessings to improve
And they stone me on the cross and niggas stone me for the ooh's
And the ahh's foolish, what am I who are ya
I'm coming down from the sky cause niggas keep praying to shine
Look... amen

For the price of fame
What would you do to have em' say your name
See I promise I would never cop another chain
But the Alms spent on these VS's
Got me in that complex page
For the price of fame
When that Bugatti drop my accountant stop me for a second
And said "not today, not today"
For the price of fame

For the price of fame
What would you do to have em' say your name
It is such a shame

Colaboración y revision:
  • Bruna Martins

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