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Reach The Sky

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All I lost was the desire to matter to you
And to be a part of your life.
I wanted you to know who I was
But you couldn't care at all.
So I'm on the outside looking in,
Watching you move forward without me.
Do you think that you could hold it all in without it exploding?
It's killing me everyday and when I fall
Its going to be directly on your shoulders.
So I'm on the outside looking in,
Wondering why you continue to deny me.
How much longer will it take before you see what's going on,
Right inside your home?
How could you know what's in my heart
When you fail to see the true me? (true me)
Not meeting your ideals no longer matters to me (can't you see)
It's in my heart, it's showing through.
It's in my heart and it's ripping right through.
And it's breaking right before your eyes

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  • Camila Gesser

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