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For A Minute


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Try hard never look back to you for me and
My friends and I can do it for a minute
An fortunately see what others do onto you
Baby tonight you'll bring back the moon
For a minute

Do you believe in stars that can bring you back
Here in your place at the right time
With our special L.O.V.E on your power and take time
On a crack in a log

For a Minute you will be back after you bring the
Moon here at my side and wish on a star
Look at me right now still wasting a time with your clock
On the wall you might fall into water
Side by side never forget our promises with your flock
Tomorrow will be the last day

You know what it means to me time to leave
And never be back here on my
Side I am standing all alone in the rain with so
Much pain in my heart

I will start today and tomorrow you see it's easy
To be lonely for a minute now you
Know in a right time hold my hands so
Tight and never let go

For a Minute we will see each other on another
Day and tomorrow night I can not
Take this anymore from nowhere out there
You never know me

Remember that a minute is also a time when you see
In the clock and take your chime with you
Today you will find out

Good day is it your first time here look at the time
You have one minute left take your time
And don't waste it

For a minute you will do it by yourself and then
Your freedom will be set free
Day by day lord also will help me to set me free
I don't know why I have to do this

Composição de John Mayer
Colaboración y revision:
  • Bardigang Bardi

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