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Ainda não temos a cifra desta música.

Just think!
If instead of having to meet and pull a female to drill,
What if a nigger could go to the store, and buy a whole pack of pussy?
This is what it would sound like:

Whooooo, hooo-hooo, oh yeah!
I got me some asians, right now!
I got that pussy!
I got some of that african bam bam bam!
Whoa! hell yeah!
Whoa, hey, hey, hey, man, yo dawg, you cannot fuck the pussy
I'm trying man,
Stop, alright.
We almost home
(car driving)
Please, yo, just let me open it up and fuck it!
It's right around the block.
Yo, i ain't gotta a chance yet.
Two minutes!
Just wait, just wait, dog.
Fuck yeah, it'a open. ohhh yeah. fuck! it's open! it's open. whoah!
Stretch it out, shawty, stretch it out!
Ohhh! ohhh! woot!
Fuck yeah!
Can i have some?

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  • Érica Silva

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