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Slept On You

Bryson Tiller

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Hmm-hmm, hmm-hmm
Hmm, hmm-hmm
Yeah, you say he lost your—
Said that nigga lost your—
Said that nigga lost your—
Trust (Trust, trust)

Baby I've been through it now
Wonder what I’m doing now
I'm thinking 'bout—
Us (Us, us), oh
Baby I seen you around
You heard your nigga been fooling 'round
You've been thinking 'bout comin' down South
Spendin' a couple nights out
Chillin' we mixin' white, brown
Bet that’s how you feeling right now
He's still sleepin' on you
But you the baddest in your crew
Nah, you the baddest I done seen
How you fit that ass up in them jeans?
Like I had a cup of codeine
I'ma rub my hands up slowly
Like this is my last blunt of OG
I'ma make this last baby, go deep
Tell me when to go fast, baby
Unlike niggas in your past, baby
I’m proud to be yours, I brag daily
Got stamina, check my stats, baby
Young Pen Griffey, I’m back baby

Yeah he slept on you
That’s wack baby
I swear, I’ll never do that baby
Where you at baby?
That's right baby, for me I think—

You should let that guard down
Go and do it right now
What is you doing right now?
Can a nigga come do that right now?
I could let you decide
How me and you could do this right now
Do it as soon as right now
Make me kamasutra, ah (Han)
Don't make me lay your ass down
Turn the lights down
When I lay this pipe down
And tell you "Shhh, be quiet now"
I could love you right now
Touch you right now
Love the way you looking right now
Can we made up, like this, right now
Then kiss goodbye your makeup
In your bedroom, laid up
Got the headboard goin' (*Knock, knock, knock*)
I bet the neighbors wake up
Ain’t had love like this still, so your mind is made up
You stop fuckin' with them niggas, should've stood them lames up, no

He slept on you
Slept on you, girl
Yeah he slept on you
Keep doin' you wrong
Let 'em sleep, baby

You know I won't
I won't sleep on you, you know I won't
I just fuck you 'til you sleep deep, ayy
Finna lay your ass to sleepin' naked, got your body shakin'
I know what you thinkin', got play that (Play that, play that)
Play that, play that, X-rated, lil' baby
Bed shakin', my bed shakin'
Bed shakin', gotta hit
Bed shakin', gotta hit

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