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Tonight (feat. Red Cafe)


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[chorus fabolous]
I don't know if i love ya
Or i just wanna fuck ya
Either way you're going down
Tonight tonight

[chorus fabolous]

[red cafe]
Ya daddy wanna girl to go down
Damn i think i love her ass so round
Skin so soft and her hair so long
First i go deep then i go long
Hommie mackavile i'll be thuggin' on them hoes
Red bottom heals she got blood on her toes
I was like damn where you from whats your name
You the one i'm reppin' got it swingin' on the chain.
7 1 otro we dont do popo
Come to my town you can fuck with me and loso
It'll go down
I'mma pop a cherry way before we hit the teley

[chorus fabolous] (2x)

Look i don't know how i fell in love so fiddast.
Bet i'm gon kill it from the back dat ass
Yah i'm funeral i am on a killing spree
Bitches cant get in touch
Still feeling me
Always on the i chat i stay on the phone
They be at my neck-like when i spray on cologne
Never said i love ya ok now come on
Dont listen to anything i stay on patron
Wheress that on your own student lown collage chick
You can give me brain when i'm free scholarship
If you had me open on the head hollow tip
I'mma spend a couple bucks
God damn love sucks

[chorus fabolous] (2x)

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