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Saw your silhouette in blue
It moved deep within the ocean
Your eyes became the light
Became a world for me

We came shipwrecked from past
We came washed upon the shore
While the history would stay
The rest would be
For us a mystery
For us...a world for us

Did I say too much?
Did I let you down?
Did the words that were spoken
Turn your heart around?
We learn to love, we learn to love

We were broken by the wind
We were fragile and we faltered
We were silent we were bound
So grace be kind to us

Here we learn to speak a word
We learn to hear the still unspoken
Here we we quicken to forgive
And leave the rest to be a mystery
For us...a world for us

Did I say too much
Did the words speak down
Did the thoughts that were spoken
Fall upon the ground
Did I say too much
Did I break your heart
It was only solely said for who we are
We learn to love...we learn to love

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