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A Sacrifice

Jeff Williams

Ainda não temos a cifra desta música.

Close your eyes
Now time for dreams
Death is never what it seems
Did the things you tough you should
All the things they said were good

All your faith in ancient ways
Leaves you tracked inside a maze
Take the life of those who need
Sow the death then reap the seed
Reap the seeed

Born an angel
Heaven sent
Falls from grace are never elegant

Stars will drop out of the sky
The moon will sadly watch the roses die
In vain
Lost, no gain
But you're not taking me

You can't have my life
I'm not your sacrifice
You can try
But I'm free
And you won't
Conquer me
And won't crawl
Most of all
I won't fall for you

Show them gods and dieties
Blind and keep the people under knees

Pierce of sky
Escape the fate
Than more you try
Than more you just breed hate

In lies
Truth will rise
Revealed by mirrored eyes

What if all the plans you made
Do not worth the price they paid?
Even with the lifes you stole
Still not even closer to your

Composição de Casey Lee Williams/Jeff Williams
Colaboración y revision:
  • Jaeder Oliveira

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