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Hello... Hello... Hello...

When I saw you at the party
You were talking to a girlfriend
I just walked across the room and said "hello" (hello hello)
While we danced I felt your body,
Touched your face and dared to kiss you
When the song was over I just couldn't let you go (let you go)


Hey hello (hello) be my darling
Hey hello (hello) be my girl
Always wanted so much more than just a one night love affair
Hey hello (hello) feel the magic
Hey hello (hello) in the air
I can give you so much more than just a one night love affair

Midnight hour, my apartment
I can feel your burning passion
When I loved you in the shadow of the night
You were leaving in the morning
But you promised to recall me
One more kiss - "I'll see you soon" - and then goodbye (goodbye)

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Composición de M. Mell
Colaboración y revisión:
  • Everton Cruz
  • maria hinckel

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