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Monday Morning

Ainda não temos a cifra desta música.


beads of sweat running cold
will I cry, will I fold
underneath all the fears
that my mind has foretold
and the light is so near
but I cannot be seen
do I break
do I run
do I fall in between

the clouds are breaking with another day
my darkness breaks beneath the dawn
can you feel the sunshine

feel my heart when it breaks
see my hands as they shake
feel the dark of the night in the midst of the day
what's the deal
what's the cure
there's an aswer i'm sure
do I change
do I fight
do I run for the door

when all that I have been get's buried in the end
and everything I've known
watch it go, let it go... no
can't take much more of this
what is it that I've missed
what is it that I've missed

who are you, what am I,
what's the answer tonight

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