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Ben Folds Five

Cifrado: Principal (guitarra y guitarra eléctrica)
Selo Cifra Club: esta cifra foi revisada para atender aos critérios oficiais da nossa Equipe de Qualidade.
tono: G
              C                   Cmaj9
I feel like a quote out of context,
    Am                        F               G           Am Dsus2
Withholding the rest so I can be for you what you wanna see.
          C                 Cmaj9      Am
I got the gestures, sounds, got the timing down
       F                  G             Am       Dsus2
It's uncanny, yeah, you'd think it was me. Do you think I should
G        E7     Am      G        D/F#
Take a class to lose my southern accent?
    F         G              F            G
Did I make me up or make the face that is stuck
            F       G           C
I'll do the best imitation of myself.

    C                     Cmaj9    Am
The problem was your speech you gave me was fine
         F         G       Am          Dsus2
Like the theories about my little stage.
      C                 Cmaj9     Am
And I sorta was listening till I started drifting
           F             G         Am     Dsus2
'round the part about me acting my age.   Now if it's
G       E7           Am        G    D/F#
All the same... I've people to entertain.
     F          G               F            G
I'll juggle one-handed, do some magic tricks and
       F       G         C
Do the best imitation of myself.

E7                   Am
Maybe I'm thinking myself in a hole...
E7   Am
      F         Am
Who I am when I oughta know
           F       Am         E7
Straighten up now, time to go fool somebody else...
Am        G   D  G  E7
Fool somebody else.    Last night I was
C                 Cmaj9   Am
East wind of them... a voice within...
          F               G          Am   Dsus2
Trying to be for you what you wanna see.
            C                   Cmaj9    Am
But I can't help it if you, you wanna pack on through
               F                G            Am  Dsus2
Don't want you hanging out with no-one but me.   Now that it's
G      E7                 Am           G      D
All... all the same... it comes from a sacred place.
            F                G
Yeah, if my mind's somewhere else
             F       G
You won't be able to tell
         F       G           C
I do the best imitation of myself

            F            G
Yes, it's uncanny you'll see
             F            G
You'd really think it was me.
         F       G         Am     Dsus2
I do the best imitation of myself...
         F       G           D/F#
I do the best imitation of myself.

E|----C----| --Cmaj9--              ----Am---    ----F----
  |_|_|_|_*_|  |_|_|_|_*_|            |_|_|_|_|_|  *_-_-_-_*_*
  |_|_*_|_|_|  |_*_|_|_|_|            |_|_|_|_|_|  |_|_|_*_|_|
E|-*-|-|-|-| |-|-|-|-|-|  5th fret> *-----*-*-*  |-*-*-|-|-|
  |_|_|_|_|_|  |_|_|_|_|_|            |_|_|_|_|_|  |_|_|_|_|_|
  |_|_|_|_|_|  |_|_|_|_|_|            |_*_*_|_|_|  |_|_|_|_|_|

E|----| G----    --Dsus2--              ----E7---    ---D/F#--
  |_|_|_|_|_|  |_|_|_|_|_|            |_|_|_|_|_|  |_|_|_|_|_|
  |_|_|_|_|_|  |_|_|_*_|_|            |_|_|_|_|_|  *_|_|_*_|_*
  *_-_-_-_*_*  |_|_|_|_*_|  5th fret> |_|_|_|_*_|  |_|_|_|_*_|
  |_|_|_*_|_|  |_|_|_|_|_|            |_|_*_|_|_|  |_|_|_|_|_|
  |_*_*_|_|_|  |_|_|_|_|_|            |_*_|_*_|_|  |_|_|_|_|_|
               x x o     o             o       o      o o
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