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(Dedicated to the memory of dan martin)

If you said it, and said it clearly
It would be heard by me
If you felt it, felt it in your heart
If your mind inside was like mine
You would find and see me
You would be welcome in my dreams
You would be welcome

We have argued
Till we are black and blue
Nothing to say, this is what I tell you
Happiness is as freedom
It is welcome
If you saw this
You would know this is the truth

All of your hopes inside are lonesome
Without me, inside of you
I feel the world calling, I will wait for you

How are you dear to me
If you knew this you would see, this is the truth
You would be welcome to my dreams
You would be welcome

No man can save the world, it takes a woman
No woman can save the world, it takes a man

You'd be welcome
No man welcome
No woman welcome
No woman
No man
No man

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