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Crazy Horse

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I will say good-bye please don't cry
I want you to know that I didn't lie
Now I'm looking at you
I thinking about what to do
If I could give a time
Knowing that later would be mine
So I wanna know, so I wanna to show

No I'm nothing
Or do I seem something?
I haven't nothing for saying
But I go my way
I used to confused, nothing to lose
'Cause I'm not anything

I thought about something new
That you didn't know
About I can say
Only for you every day
But I'll really change
I that all can to chance
So I wanna know, so I wanna show


Nobody will be I waiting
Nobody will be I attending
Or maybe it'll be there
Or maybe it'll be here
And to forget, you will try
The last word is good-bye


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Composed by Nathalia Almeida Emidio
Collaboration and Review:
  • Danilo Dias
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