Cifra Club

Peanutbutter Jelly

Die Antwoord

Aún no tenemos el cifrado de esta canción.

Yo, I was at the club just chilling and shit
And this pretty little mama, Alana, pick the paddy up
Outside, people smoking marijuana
Sweet talking anna, zero fucking drama
I'm dressed fresh, got my best tracksuit on
People be like: Where'd you get that dope tracksuit from?

Yo, every time I rock this shit people bug out
My tracksuit on, itchy and scratchy the fuck out
All of the sudden there's a fucking light in my face
Dumb fuck with the camera, right in my face
Dude's like: Look who's all up in the club with a onesie
Look at me everybody I'm in a onesie
This fat fuck mad drunk all brave and shit
Obviously jealous on this fucking hater shit
Cell phone in my face shouting loud as he can
So I snatched his fucking cell phone out of his hand
His little video must look fucking sick
When I stuck his phone in my pants and rubbed it on my dick, uh
Dude was dumbstruck handed the phone back to this dumb fuck
Motherfucker nearly had a heart attack
Now your flustered, tripping out all disgusted
I'm holding his phone out but he doesn't want it back
It's like fuck it, popped his phone back into his pocket

"What's wrong with you man, are you fucking crazy?"
I replied: Yes, totally fucking crazy
Gold teeth flashing, smiling, Alana
My little 'nana, trying to cool down the drama

"I'll fuck you up man!"
Tonight was a special night
Now this fat fuck was screaming, like you wanna fight
So I said: You gon' bark all night, huh, little doggy? Or you gonna bite?

Motherfuck was still steaming
Making a big scene, screaming, has to get himself kicked out
He just peanut butter and jealous, peanut butter and jelly
Calling an uber with the smell of dick on his cellie

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Colaboración y revisión:
  • Ariélle Rieffel

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