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Dooby-do yeah let's do this dance now
This dance started down in NYC
Now they're doing it (unclear)
All the way to the Pacific shore
Man it's the greatest dance you ever saw
Let's go everybody and move your feet
Yeah my drummer's got a swinging beat
Everything is grooving people here's your chance
It's time for you to do this dance
It's called the majestic majestic yeah majestic majestic yeah
Come on everybody take a tip from me
They even got the message down in Waikiki
(unclear) and get on the ball
Everytime you hear this call
Cause there is (unclear)
(this line is also unclear)
Everybody now looking just fine
It's the majestic majestic yeah majestic majestic yeah
All the way from Chicago to the Golden Gate
Kentucky Virginia and state

Composición de Dion DiMucci
Colaboración y revisión:
  • Renan Monteiro

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