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Put It On Me (feat. Denis Leary)

Elizabeth Gillies

Ainda não temos a cifra desta música.

When the world wants to tear you down
Dragging you down
When it drops you like it shot you to your knees
When the weight on your shoulders is too much to take
Put it on me baby
Put it on me

When the sky como to thunder yeah to rattle and roll
And the rain hits at hurricane speed
Baby, gather your trubles your worries and concerns
Put 'em on me, baby
Put 'em on me

Whenever you're cold and feeling alone
Gimme your hand and I'm gonna make it alright
I ain't no saint
I ain't no saviour
No I'm just one more, sinner
Trying to survive

When the night is descending and your demons are dark
When you can't find some faith you may need
Oh baby, fight the temptation until I arrive
Put it on me, baby
Put it on me

When there's no one to follow, follow me
When you battle the bottle call on me
When you suffer a sorrow hold into me
Put it on me, baby
Put it on me

Put it on me, baby
Put it on me

Put it on me, baby
Put it on me

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