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Thinking Of You

Future Of Forestry

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Thinking of you
Edna, you got stuck running there, your hair on fire
Too long, careful not to falter or disappear
But made heaven, made like starlight, made of love

Someone told you that your heart was gray
Since then I've been only thinking of you
When you're out of your amnesia day
You'll know how much I've been thinking of you
I've been thinking of you

Edna, don't you wait until tomorrow to find your soul
Faint reminders still will follow everywhere you go
'Cause you are not alone
But made like heaven, made like starlight, made of love

Free your heart
Free your soul
See your light
Lose control

Composición de Eric Owyoung/Future of Forestry
Colaboración y revisión:
  • Fatima Carvalho
  • Karla Fernanda

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