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So, Suddenly

Jay Sean

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Spat on the plate that shaved
Doubted that a day would change your mind
Not prepared, if ordered, evaporated
Crashed the wall plate
And i whether it be picking the shards to try paste after
But then won't that do not have
Won't that do not have, nor will not'm
As wanted to tread ...
Only by evil ignored
It would be really so
And if i took up the longing
But left ...
Steeped in each fraction of me
Da noite pro dia
Neither knew that that would be
The last time i saw it
Da noite pro dia
She smiled and i guarantee
Be in the greatest joy
Da noite pro dia
The irony is avail ...
Because of the empty house
Da noite pro dia
You're my remedy black stripe
Only with prescription
Ubiquitous made the airso, suddenly

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  • Henrique Toledo

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