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I Burn (Ft.Lamar Hall)

Jeff Williams

Ainda não temos a cifra desta música.

Come at me
And you'll see
I'm more than meets the eye

You think that
You'll break me
You're gonna find in time

You are standing too close
To a flame that's burning
Hotter than the sun
In the middle of july
Sending all your armys
But you still can't win
Listen up, silly boy
'Cuz I gonna tell you why

I burn
Can't hold me now
And there's nothing else can do it too
Swing all you want
Like a fever I will take you down

Reign supreme?
In your dreams
You'll never make me bow
Kick my ass?
I'm world class
And super sayiajin now
You are starting up a fight
That you just can't finish
Watch your little hearts
When they scrape you out off the floor
Sending all your rockets
Well, shut'em up, baby
High as you can go
But I'm the one who's gonna soar

And it doesn't have to be this way
Let's kiss make up than you'll learn
You may fight your life away
I guess you don't want me to bother so just watch me burn

Hotter than sun
Feel my fire
Phyro maniac
My desire
Tough that now you could see the truth
'Til I'm burning down the booth
Human torch can't fucks with me
Johnny blaze
Suspect b
Striking quick
Lightning fast
Melt the bitches down to ash
Strike a match
Ignite the scene
Shit will never be the same
Feel the fury of my flame
Beg for mercy it won't help
Embrace the ending and you're dealth
Seems you may fucks but never learn
So now just sit back and watch me burn

Composição de Jeff Williams/Lamar Hall
Colaboración y revision:
  • Jaeder Oliveira

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