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Long Long Day

Jim White

Ainda não temos a cifra desta música.

Oooh, it's been a long long one day
longer than a country mile
stronger than a hurricane
oooh, it's been a long long

This red barn in the field.
Dusty winds blow round it.
It stands in its place
firm and tall.

So safe inside am I
that I can see
one hundred prairie miles
waving on endlessly.

And papa snores again
while mama lies awake
silently wondering
why that grey
cat that she loved
up and run away,
ten years ago one
dusty day just like today.

Long one day there I lay
under the big windy sky I prayed;
dear Lord make the flickering hands of fate
finally flip the page
to the yellow sun
of my coming age.

Oooh, it's been a long, long long day....
longer than a country mile
stronger than a hurricane.
Oooh, its been
a long long day.

Composição de Jim White/Mike Pratt
Colaboración y revision:
  • Daniel Fardin

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